Nurse Verification of Death

Nurse verification of expected death: what it is, and how our training can help

The term “verification of death”, refers to the process of deciding whether a person is actually deceased. A registered nurse or doctor are able to perform this process this process.

More specifically, as set out by Hospice UK, the “recognition of death” – when relatives, nursing home staff, and others can recognise that death has occurred – is distinct from “verification of the fact of death”, which entails formally documenting the death in accordance with national guidelines. It is the time of verification that is recognised as the official time of death.

“Certification of death”, meanwhile, is specifically the process of completing the “Medical Certificate of the Cause of Death” (MCCD) by a medical practitioner, in line with The Births and Deaths Registration Act 1953. It is a key part of the legal requirements for recording a person’s death.

What is meant by “expected death”?

A death can be said to have been “expected” when it occurred as a result of an acute or gradual deterioration in the health status of the given patient. In such cases, the death will have been anticipated, expected, and predicted.

This is as opposed to a sudden or unexpected death, which is a death that was not anticipated or related to a period of illness that had already been identified as terminal.

What does our nurse verification of expected death course include?

If you are a nurse seeking accreditation for nurse verification of expected death, you have come to the right place in Actionable Intelligence.

Our training covering this process can be delivered ‘in-person’ in a classroom or remotely via Zoom; either way, it will guide you through the process of safely and effectively verifying an expected death, in accordance with Hospice UK, 2022 guidelines.

Taking on this course will enable you to learn more about the legal aspects of nurse verification of death, as well as about the actual procedure for verification of expected death. This will include the clinical observations you will need to perform.

The course will also cover the subjects of care after death, how you can support the loved ones of the deceased after death, and the documentation that is recommended in line with verification of expected death.

To learn more about this accreditation for nurse verification of expected death course, or about any of our other healthcare skills training, you are very welcome to send us an email or to give us a call today, on 0330 133 4195.