Nurse Verification of Death

Nurse verification of expected death: what it is, and how our training can help The term “verification of death”, refers to the process of deciding whether a person is actually deceased. A registered nurse or doctor are able to perform this process this process. More specifically, as set out by Hospice UK, the “recognition of […]

Stoma Competencies

Our training can cover the key stoma competencies How familiar are you with what a stoma is, or how you can most effectively support someone who has a stoma? Even many healthcare staff are not necessarily knowledgeable on this subject, which is why we are pleased to be able to offer stoma management training to […]

Face-to-face or virtual training: Which is better?

Sorry, this is a trick question to start with. Both have their merits, and both have weaknesses.  It is really a question of which works for both you and the topic at hand most effectively. Virtual training (provided by ourselves using Zoom) is when participants in different locations can communicate with each other through online […]

Is the solution, or part of the solution, Technology?

All you need to do is switch on the news to hear about the strain the NHS is currently experiencing. There are multiple reasons for this, including our aging population, the persisting impact from Brexit and the continuing pressures from the COVID19 pandemic. We know that ~25% of the health and social care work force […]

Managing and caring for enteral feeding tubes  

We can train healthcare staff in the essentials of managing and caring for enteral feeding tubes   For many healthcare professionals, it is crucial to be well-informed on how they can care and maintain the safety of people with an enteral feeding tube most effectively. Enteral tube feeding is a means of supporting people who […]

How can we help you be more effective in providing end-of-life care?

One of the most important duties of many of those working in the healthcare sector, is undoubtedly providing specialised care to people in their last days of life.  The term ‘end-of-life care’ typically refers to the support given to people who are in the last year of their life. It is about providing the recipient […]

How to help ensure safety in your workplace amid the heatwave

It’s the subject that has got much of the UK talking in recent days, and which will remain relevant right through this, and other summers: the potential risks of elevated heat, and how these can be managed.  There might be a temptation among some of us to dismiss hot weather in the summer as simply […]

Stress – the modern day killer

  The irony that as I sit here writing this article on stress, it is making me feel stressed is not lost on me… Stress is a word that we hear all too frequently and something we can probably all say we have experienced at some point in our lives. A question comes to mind, […]

Are Gloves Misused?

Personal Protective Equipment, particularly gloves, have been a hot topic of conversation over the last 12 months. We have seen headlines in the media stating that there is a national shortage of gloves, incorrect gloves being dispatched and more recently that the government has wasted £10 billion on overpriced PPE. One thing I often ask […]

The power of handwashing

The art of hand hygiene as a concept in everyday life has not been around as long as we may think. It is only in the last century that the first public health campaigns were launched and “handwashing moved from being something doctors did to something everybody had been told to do” according to Nancy […]