About Us

Helen Harland – Nurse, training expert and passionate SCUBA diver. When not pursuing her professional calling or travelling to remote locations to swim under the waves following her SCUBA diving passion she can be spotted roaming the countryside as in the picture above.

Helen Harland

Training Director

Helen has a wealth of experience working in healthcare environment. She started her caring career working in nursing homes looking after the elderly as a healthcare assistant. After qualifying as a registered nurse in 2001 Helen worked as a respiratory specialist nurse and then later as an intensive care nurse on a cardiac intensive care unit at the Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

Helen has always had a passion for training which she picked up during her university social activities where she qualified as a SCUBA diving instructor with the Leeds University Union Sub-Aqua Club (LUUSAC). Taking this to the next level Helen qualified with a PGCE in adult education while working as a trainer for Inventive Solutions. After working as a ventilator training specialist for GE Healthcare in Helen worked with Pulse Healthcare as the Training and Development Lead. Before joining Actionable Intelligence in September 2018 Helen’s final position was as the Head of Learning and Professional Development for Ashgate Hospicecare in Derbyshire where she developed extensive skills in caring for people in the final stage of their life and is passionate to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to die with dignity. Helen remains clinically active to ensure her skills remain current and relevant to the ever changing healthcare environment.

Kirk Harland

Technical Director

On leaving school Kirk initially worked as an electrical engineer constructing and repairing large machinery lines in various environment from quarries through to print factories. He was intrigued by the emergence of the internet and explosion of personal computers and how this was starting to shape his working life through computer controlled machinery. He returned to university and after completing his undergraduate degree he joined GMAP Consulting in the software development team where he worked to develop information systems capable of modelling demand for fuel for companies such as ExxonMobile, BP and Shell. Working with these spatial models inspired Kirk to return to university where he gained his PhD in Geographical Computation.

Kirk’s fascination with building computer models of individuals interactions and commuting behaviour during his years of postdoctoral study have flourished into his passion with personal development and understanding how we can make the best use of our time and become the very best version of ourselves that we can be. This has been a theme he has applied through management roles he has undertaken with the Health and Social Care Information Centre, Methods Analytics and the Spirit Health Group. Working within Actionable Intelligence provides Kirk with the opportunity to pass on the learning from his wealth of experience, from technical understanding, project management to managerial techniques, communication and personal development.

Kirk Harland – A PhD graduate, healthcare analyst and learning enthusiast. Kirk is passionate about becoming the best version of himself that he can possibly be and in his spare time he reads self development, psychology and physiology. Between books he enjoys travelling to pursue his SCUBA diving passion, taking long walks in nature and running.