Caring for enteral feeding tubes

We can train healthcare staff in the essentials of managing and caring for enteral feeding tubes  

For many healthcare professionals, it is crucial to be well-informed on how they can care and maintain the safety of people with an enteral feeding tube most effectively. Enteral tube feeding is a means of supporting people who may no longer be able to consume adequate amounts of nutrition orally.  

The enteral feeding tube itself is designed to provide foods and fluids in a liquid form, and a patient may require it for any of a range of reasons. For example, the patient may be suffering from swallowing problems that heighten the risk of food or fluid going down the wrong way and ending up in the lungs rather than the stomach, or they may have a medical condition that prevents the eating or digestion of food.  

A person who requires enteral tube feeding may only need to have it in place for a limited time while undergoing treatment, or they may be living with it for a number of years. The situation will differ from one patient to the next.  

A useful course for healthcare practitioners supporting those with a feeding tube  

Healthcare practitioners will develop their theoretical and practical knowledge in the management and care of enteral feeding tubes (PEG), when they enrol on our own course on this subject. This course can be delivered in a classroom as well as remotely using Zoom video conferencing software, making it more accessible and convenient for attendees.  

This course is aimed at nurses and healthcare workers who are already competent in administering medications. It covers a broad range of important aspects of the management and care of enteral feeding tubes and associated subjects, including the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract, and the implications and complications of gastronomy and jejunostomy tubes.  

Healthcare staff who may not have been exposed to feeding tubes previously or may not have a full appreciation of enteral feeding will learn the essentials on this course, including the different features of the tubes, and how they can best care for someone with a tube in place.  

Attendees will also learn about the site cleaning and how to use a feeding tube to administer medication or feed their patient. Also covered in this course is the all-important matter of what to do in an emergency – what are the specific considerations and actions that should be taken involving feeding tubes in an emergency situation. Would you know how and when to use and ENPLUG? 

We’ll put you in the best possible position to be more effective in your work  

This course, focusing on the management and care of enteral feeding tubes, is just one of the many programmes of study that make up our highly regarded complex care courses here at Actionable Intelligence.  

Our courses can be delivered either face-to-face or online depending on the circumstances and requirements of the attendees. Continued learning and professional development through courses such as ours play a crucial role in making healthcare safer and more effective for everyone and also count towards revalidation requirements for nurses.  

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